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Cat With Ibd Put To Sleep Putting Cat To Sleep??is It Time??

Putting cat to sleep??is it time?? - cat with ibd put to sleep

I have this incredible cat named Felix, I had only 8 months. I was saved from an abusive owner, it's being starved for entertainment. Also RESUCE him when I was in an abusive relationship and I always felt that to him, he was my best friend when I was in this relationship (I'm in now), but it has lately very badly swollen belly / diareha water / drainage / vomiting, but still a huge appetite led him to the vet, he ran Parisito, worms, lukehima feline cancer, kidney failure + liver, IDB, diabetes, Throid problem, made an X-ray unltrasound in her body, and has somewhat blurred, the vet had no idea that could perhaps sugest in the stomach, so the antibiotic era, did not hes thoat produce pancreatic enzymes, so now hes on the pill, and HES clavomox Flagyl and was on IV every week to the vet and have still have no idea what is wrong with him, is his main problem that I can not really stay hydrated because of their diareha.

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Do you have something new in your house, move, change their diet changes gone? Pets can be bad reactions to things strange and arbitrary. I know it's a stab in the dark, but I'm trying to throw something out there that could not have taken into account.
I propose that the voice of a veteran seconds before she put decide to hear. Ten years is not too old for a cat, but he had a difficult life.
What happens, happens, good luck and sorry that you are difficult in this situtation. It's so hard, the animals that you see as any kind of suffering, but at least the chance that he) his suffering (the second time to stop if necessary, to have. Sometimes it's just happened so. I say a prayer for you and your cat. Good luck.

₦âħíмânầ... said...

I want to put, if he suffers greatly. Think of the cat. If not, is likely to be weakened drugs and he can still spend. Not to mention the Vet empty your bank account. You need the money now. Good luck.

spawnofa... said...

Get a second opinion obtained before the decision.

just me said...

that is sad! I would not put a cat to sleep! But if the poor people in pain, you might be another option

Tiffany K said...

The same happened with my sister, Nicole. the vet discovered he had such a bad urinary tract infection, that his kidneys no longer work and had to sleep immediately. I recommend that you pause when it was planted, it is unclear how long he will live. My sister's cat has started urinating blood, to sleep, however, that we doodleman. my heart is with you and your cat, in this hour of need

Jr. is angry said...

First, sleep when to end his pain. Web sites do bnow or higher, which will be secured by the owner of abuse.

I think you need to seek a second opinion. "I dont know whats wrong, but he will die this weekend. Is it your medical opinion, or was drunk?

Secondly, to tell if a veterinarian agree with him, even if I did not see to do this, I do, it is time to put to sleep. at least their last memories of you will be happy.

Lolly said...

It is so sad. I'm praying really. I had the most amazing cat, always saved. His name was Punkin. It was so sweet, but then we realized that he had diabetes and other diseases of the heart. I know that our kittens protection twenty-four the sweetest things in the world, but can very rapidly ill. We had to have choked Punkin poor. These could easily be time for the young Felix. Here, too, my prayers are with you. I hope it will be presented.

Jenn said...

How old are you? Sounds like his past has made long-term damage. It can be fun to be connected to an IV for each cat. One might expect to see the weekend as clear. And if it then I think it's time. I know it is difficult, and an election that has not had yet, and I know if I my heart is breaking. It's amazing how far we go for our pets. I would have more money then my own health record. I have the Dr for me, can I do to my animals. Life is funny that way.

K Frost said...

If it is good to go there 4 months, so I doubt that he died quickly of something. I recommend a second opinion! Most vets are just for the money, care very little about animails and owners of those days. TRUST ME it took years to finally find a veterinarian who cares .. (and allows me to make payments!) Ive rescused two cats and 1 dog ...
Why is it not more x-rays after the first was blurred behind me.
With all the problems I've had with my 50 + cat (my life) id say its an70% chance, theres a lock!

I hope your cat does this by!
I will never forget, some cats, slept, have much in my arms ... damn im crying now too ... GOOD LUCK!

♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥ said...

I could not live knowing that my cat was suffering. Much can be done to prolong life, but I prefer quality over quantity. What have you done for Felix was a great thing. I know he lived his last known love and care. Being with him when the time and keeps them in their arms as they are passed. The greatest gift is the gift of letting go, when you reach the point that life is not easy. Felix is waiting for you in a better place and no longer suffer. I'm sorry that you have more time.

How you and Jenn, I always put my first child. I'm dying from allergies all week and went to the DR? My Smokey is in renal failure and the visit of Dr. sniffling and sneezing, and I regret nothing.

Sally said...

I am sorry for you! Felix and I hold you in my prayers.

I think a second opinion sounds justified.

We came from a mysterious illness with a dog named "Dusty" and a veterinarian when I was young. My mother is concerned that dog with a spoon fed him baby food. The vets had no idea, but found lots of evidence. Finally, we have him to another vet and they have a clear and found a ball of "small" super lodged in the bile. They operated and he healed and live a long and healthy life.

He died because he could not stay hydrated because of the obstruction. I could not prevent what the young and they had to eject against diarrhea.

I wish him all the best. Let me know if I helped or if you need further assistance.

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